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Benefits of Gel Nail Kits & Gel Nail Polish at Home

When it comes to doing your nails at home versus getting them done at a salon it can sometimes be hard to decide what the best option is. Should you save money? or should you get them done quickly at the Salon which will cost you a lot more money. These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself. During this post we shall be discussing the benefits of getting your nails done at home with your own gel nail kit.

The main Benefits of Gel Nail Kits

save money doing your gel nails at home

The biggest benefit of all when getting your gel nails done at home, is the cost savings you will reap. By buying a Gel Nail Kit for as little as $99 with a choice of any gel nail polish colour you like, you would have made your money back by doing your nails at home in only two uses.

starter kit from less than 3 salon visits starter kit from less than 3 salon visits

By buying a kit you get all the tools needed to do your nails and also a beautiful box to store your polish in and start your Svensson nail polish collection.

With the Svensson Gel Nail Starter Kit, you get the following in the box:

  • Gel Nail Lamp (UV / LED Curing Light)
  • Cuticle Sticks
  • Base Coat & Top Coat
  • Your Choice of Gel Nail Colour
  • Acetone
  • 10% Lifetime Discount when you register with an email for future use


Start your collection today through Svensson and start building your colour collection from our range of 60 gel nail polish colours.



14 Day Chip Free Shine

Svensson Gel Nail Polish has been created with quality & longevity in mind. A lot of people don't like doing their own gel nails at home due to the fact that they may chip a lot and it damages your nails. With Svensson gel nail polish you will experience a 14 day chip free shine that lasts and is easy to remove. We have received great reviews so far from our happy clients stating how much they love our product.

svensson gel nail polish review svensson gel nail polish review

Its social doing your nails

Invite your friends over and do your own gel nail polish over a glass of wine, the latest episode of Game of Thrones or get them in tip top form ready for your next holiday. its always fun doing it with your friends helping you both save money and catch up.

So why not browse our range online today and purchase a Svensson Kit and start reaping the rewards of doing your own nails at home.

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